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Anvar Samost to head entire Baltic News Service

ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION                      PRESS RELEASE     5 May 2006
Anvar Samost to head entire Baltic News Service
Anvar Samost (35) has been appointed Managing Director of Baltic News Service (Balti Uudistetalituse AS) with effect from 1 August 2006. The company’s current managing director, Kari Väisänen, moves to Hämeen Sanomat as the paper’s executive editor-in-chief on 1 August 2006. Mr Samost also continues until further notice as executive editor-in-chief of BNS Estonia and managing director of the Estonian unit, where he has worked since 1995.
Baltic News Service is the leading news bureau in the Baltic countries with subsidiaries in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The company operates in five languages and releases on average one thousand news headlines a day. BNS is a part of Alma Media Corporation’s Kauppalehti group.
Juha Blomster, Managing Director of Kauppalehti, says: “Anvar Samost is the best possible choice to head the entire BNS group. The company has been developed vigorously under Kari Väisänen’s leadership and Anvar Samost has played a central role in this process. The company is currently in excellent condition and all its country companies operate at a good level of profitability.”
According to Mr Samost, the company will focus in the future on growth and business diversification. “We are helped in this work by BNS’s excellent reputation and the support offered by the Alma Media group in the background,” he says.
Further information:
Juha Blomster, Managing Director, Kustannus Oy Kauppalehti, tel +358 400 453 233
Kari Väisänen, Managing Director, Baltic News Service, tel +358 400 138 767
Anvar Samost, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Managing Director, Baltic News Service, tel +372 50 19262, e-mail:
Photo of Anvar Samost available at > Kauppalehti group > Personnel
  • Published: 5.5.2006, 13:00
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