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Financial Information Live on the Web and a Receptive Audience into the Bargain – New Kauppalehti LIVE Service for listed companies

The new Kauppalehti LIVE service brings added flavour to listed companies’ press conferences. The service consists of a live tv-broadcast on the Internet as well as advance marketing and distribution of the event via Kauppalehti channels. The company gets an entire service package ranging from advance promotion of the conference to a viewership report of the live event. The company only needs to organize the press conference.
The Kauppalehti LIVE service is produced in cooperation with GoodMood, a Finnish company specializing in webcasting solutions, and Song Networks, a Nordic telecommunications company responsible for distributing the live event on the Internet and application hosting.
Service Package: Media-Production-Distribution-Audience
The Kauppalehti LIVE service aims to ease distributing financial information of listed companies. The service enables the distribution of e.g. financial statement presentations and shareholder meetings in a quick and balanced manner to shareholders, analysts, the media and personnel.
The service package includes advance promotion of the event, production, recording, publishing and distribution of the event on the Web, maintenance and reporting.
In November Kauppalehti will open a Kauppalehti LIVE channel on its website where live events and recordings of prior events can be viewed. Viewing a webcast is free of charge. The event can also be viewed on the company’s own website. The service package also includes an advance notice in the Kauppalehti newspaper, Kauppalehti website and in Kauppalehti’s e-mail newsletters. In addition, an advance notification of the event will be distributed to a targeted group of analysts in cooperation with Observer Group.
A Live Event of Many Opportunities
The Kauppalehti LIVE webcast is produced in cooperation with GoodMood, an expert of online communications solutions. The service is based on the GoodMood WIP application, which is installed in the Song data center. Numerous financial statement presentations and shareholder meetings have been broadcast all over the world with GoodMood WIP.
The live event layout and visual appearance are custom made according to the customer’s wishes and the type of event in question. In addition to the live video, PowerPoint presentations, charts of the stock’s performance, attachments and background information can be shown in the presentation. Interactive features such as discussion windows and polls can also be used. Using the GoodMood global webcasting service, speakers from different countries may join the live event, or the whole live event can be produced from anywhere in the world.
– The Kauppalehti LIVE concept offers clients a high-quality standardized service at a competitive price through using an excellent partner network, says Markku Kiuru of Kauppalehti. – The advance promotion of the event and the Kauppalehti LIVE channel also guarantee a wide audience for the webcasts.
– In addition to the GoodMood WIP application, our strength is high quality production skills, says Ismo Laitakari of GoodMood. -There is no room for amateurs in investor relations.
– The flexible handling and distribution of video and presentation graphics is possible thanks to the multi-service network and high-availability services of Song Networks, says Teemu Huttunen.
Additional Information:
A demonstration of the service is held at the Communication Management event on 5th October 2004 from 9am to 5pm at Wanha Satama, Pikku Satamakatu 3-5, 00160 Helsinki.
  • Kauppalehti, Markku Kiuru, Vice President, tel. +358 9 507 8677,
  • GoodMood, Ismo Laitakari, Director, Webcasting Services, tel. +358 40 503 73 64,
  • Song Networks Oy, Teemu Huttunen, Product Manager, tel. +358 50 994 2615,
    Kauppalehti is Finland’s leading business information provider. Kauppalehti is part of Alma Media Business Information Group. See
    GoodMood specializes in digital video and content provision as well as application development. The company’s core areas are webcasting and related business models. See

    Song Networks is a Nordic telecommunications company known especially as a provider of modern Internet-based corporate networks. See

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