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Mediuutiset Belt


Width max 12 cm

Horizontal banner

The total length has to be 64.5 cm

From the left

18 cm second rear flap

28.5 cm front area

18 cm second rear flap


* length 28.5 cm

* 1-2 cm margin, max. 24.5 cm text area, 1-2 cm margin


length 18 cm x 2

1. rear flap

* length 18 cm

* 2 cm margin, 14 cm text area, 2 cm margin

2. rear flap

* length 18 cm

* 2 cm margin, 6 cm text area, 2 cm margin

* 8 cm from the edge is left under the second flap when taping, no text prints are visible in that area

The Banderoles are supplied pre-nutched, i.e. with indentations at the folds, but the Belt is supplied straight.

Banderoles must always be delivered with an additional +5% above the ordered quantity. Banderoles must be delivered at least 7 days before the date of publication to the address:

Sanoma Manu Oy /paino Tampere
Patamäenkatu 9, Lastausovet 14-16, 33900 TAMPERE
Mailing list details: Main product, date of publication, name of the supplement and quantity to be delivered.
For further information, please contact Sanoma Manu customer service at: / tel. 010 700 4969