1. General

These Terms and Conditions apply when a user (the “Customer”) adopts the Alma Account in one of the digital services of a company belonging to the Alma Media Corporation (Alma Media Plc and its subsidiaries “Service Provider”).

Alma Account is a username that allows you to log in to the various media, services, applications and forums of the Service Provider (the “Service”). Alma Account enables a smooth transition from one Service Provider to another.

The Customer must carefully familiarize yourself with these Terms and Conditions before applying the Alma Account. By creating Alma Account, the Customer agrees to these terms and conditions and agrees to comply with them in full in their current form. In addition to these terms, the Customer must agree to comply with the terms and conditions of use of the Service and any contractual terms and conditions that may be used at any given time. Terms and conditions can be found in each Service.

2. Access to Alma Account

Alma Account is personal. Creating the Account requires at least 15 years of age. Those aged 15-17 and otherwise underprivileged are required to have the prior consent of the guardian or trustee to use the paid sections of the Service, or that the legal action is normal and meaningful in the circumstances, or that the legal action is made with funds earned by the underpowered person’s own work. Customers can choose to create multiple Alma Accounts using different email addresses.

The Customer agrees to keep Alma Account and associated password confidential and not to disclose them to third parties. The customer is responsible for all actions taken with their credentials. If the Customer suspects that their identification has been revealed to third persons, the Customer undertakes to inform the Service Provider immediately. The Service Provider reserves the right to close Alma Account at any time if the Service Provider suspects that the IDs are being misused.

To enable Alma Account, you need to verify the email address. If the Customer has not confirmed the email address within 24 hours, the Customer will be reminded of the confirmation. If, despite the reminder, the customer does not confirm the email address within 7 days, the unverified Alma Account will be deleted.
If the Customer does not log in to the Services with Alma Account for 46 months, the Customer will be reminded of the existence of the Alma Account. An unused Account will be deleted 48 months after the previous login. The log data generated by the use of the Alma Account will be stored for the duration of the customer relationship, as well as for 2 months after the Alma Account has been deleted. These mainly contain technical login information.
If they wish, the customer can also request the removal of the Alma Account itself. After deleting the ID, Alma Account associated with a specific email address can no longer be used in any Service.

Despite the removal of the Alma Account, content produced by the Customer may be displayed on the Services, such as texts published on forums, so that they cannot be associated with the Customer personally.

3. Processing and data protection of personal data

The information related to Alma Account is used for login, order management, product development and advertising targeting. The Service Provider processes the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the Service Provider’s privacy description and privacy legislation. The service uses cookies and other similar technologies. More information on data protection issues can be found at

4. Other conditions

Alma Account is provided “as is” and “as available”. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the uninterrupted, timely or error-free operation of the token, or for any outages or disruptions caused by technical failures, maintenance or installation work. The Service Provider has the right, without prior notice, to change, restrict or remove the functions of Alma Account. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, direct or consequential damages or special damages (including, but not limited to, loss of business, contract, income or data, or business interruption) arising from Alma Account or failure to use the Service Error or due to the disorder.

Updated 30.10.2020