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Delivery of advertising materials

Starting from May 7, 2024, display advertising materials will be delivered to Alma via the material delivery portal.

For the time being, print advertising materials and content marketing materials will still be delivered by email.

On this page you will find instructions for submitting the material and troubleshooting.

Good to know!

After making a campaign reservation, you will receive a link to your email, through which you can send the pre-made materials or deliverables for materials produced by Alma. If you wish, you can also change or add materials during the campaign via the same link.

Delivery of pre-made digital materials

1. Add files

You have received an email from Alma, where you can see the details of your reservation, the required ad formats and the sizes and dimensions of the required materials. You can submit the materials via the email link without logging in.

On the right side of the website, you can see the detailed information of your campaign in the Summary and Additional information tabs. On the left side, you can submit your materials.

If your campaign requires multiple material sizes, add them to their own material icons.

Should the need arise, you may also change the ad materials during the campaign via the same material link that you used to submit the original material.

If you are submitting tag material, go to the Add tag material tab, add the material in the text field and press Save.

When using tag materials, you do not need to add the target link address separately, it should be included in the material automatically. You can test the functionality of the click with the TEST button.

2. Wait for the files to be automatically accepted

After you have added the file, the system performs an automatic evaluation. You can see the result of the evaluation in the Summary tab.

When you see the green text “The material is valid”, your material meets the requirements of the reservation.

If you see the text “The material is incorrect” in red, the material should be replaced. An error situation can be caused, for example, by the wrong size or poor quality of the material. You can see more detailed information about the error in the Summary tab.

In the event of an error, proceed as follows:

  1. Make the required corrections to the material.
  2. Add the fixed file again with the Change material button. The new material replaces the previously delivered one. Make sure that the new material passes the automatic check, and the green “Material is valid” text appears.

If you need help uploading the material, contact Alma Advertising Management team.

You can also check our material instructions for additional information on building the material >>

3. Enter the ad URL and additional instructions if necessary

When the materials have been successfully uploaded, enter the ad’s target address, i.e. the URL, in the field reserved for it on the Summary tab. The link must start with https:// or http:// and the link is mandatory information. Remember to save the linking address!

If you want, you can add a tracking pixel to the material in the Tracking pixel / Impression field.

Instructions for Alma Advertising Management field is reserved for potential additional instructions.

4. Approve the material for publication

After you have successfully submitted the files and added the URL address and other required information, approve the material for publication. The status of the material changes to “Received”. If you wish, you can follow the progress of the processing of the material from the Material status. The campaign is ready to start when the campaign status is “Exported to the publishing system”.

5. Changing the materials and delivery of additional materials

Optionally, you may change or add materials during the campaign via the same material link that you used to submit the original material.

You can add more of the same formats to the same campaign from the Add materials button. A new material icon will appear on the page, where you can download or drag the desired file. Accepted file formats are .JPG, .PNG, .GIF and HTML5.

From the Add Materials button, you can also add an alternative material size to your campaign if the ad format allows for multiple different material sizes. Currently, you do not need to remove the material box that remains empty; we will disregard it. Please check the required material sizes for your campaign from your booking confirmation or from our website at:

6. Copying materials within the same campaign

You are able to copy materials of the same size within the campaign from one campaign line to another using the Copy line item function.

Add the materials normally to the first campaign row. After that, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the campaign row and select “Copy line item”. A window opens where you can choose to which other campaign rows you want to copy the uploaded materials. The material status changes to “Replicated” on copied rows.

Remember to enter the URL address of the ad and potential additional instructions also for the copied materials and approve the materials for publication.

Please note that if you use the “Copy line item” function, the system always copies all materials. At the moment it is not possible to copy only some of them.

Deliverables for materials to be produced and approval of the materials

If your campaign uses materials produced by Alma, you can find instructions for sending the deliverables and approving the materials below.

1. Add the deliverables

You have received an email from Alma where you can see the details of your reservation. Click on the link in the email to go to the website, where you can easily send the deliverables without logging in.

Start importing deliverables by clicking the “Start here” box on the material icon. You will be directed to the production tab. Add the files by dragging them to “Upload materials” section at the bottom of the page. You may freely add files in any formats: images, logos, and text files.

2. Enter your URL address and the necessary instructions for the production of the materials

“Description field” is intended for instructions. You can write all the instructions needed for producing the ad in this field. The same field can also be used for delivering the copy text, if there is only a small amount of text in the ad.

After the files, content and instructions have been successfully added, enter the ad URL in the field provided. The “Click tracking / URL” field is mandatory, so it must also be added, even if the URL was included in the attachment files.

Optionally, you may also add an impression pixel to the material in the “Tracking pixel / impression” field.

If the campaign has several different material sizes, it is enough to upload the files and write the instructions only once.

3. Send the materials to production

When all the desired elements, instructions and URL have been added, these are sent to production by clicking the “Send for production” button. The status of the materials change to “Production” and Alma gets the materials to be prepared.

4. Approving materials

When the material is ready, we will send a link to your email, through which you can check the draft. After that, you can either accept the draft for publication or request corrections to it.

4.1. Approve the draft immediately

You can inspect the print in more detail by clicking on the preview image, you can also enlarge it if necessary. If you are satisfied with your ad and there is no need to make any changes to it, you can approve the draft by clicking the “Approve for publication” button.

We will publish the material as agreed. You may no longer make changes to the material after this.

4.2. Request changes

You can view the draft in more detail by clicking on the preview image, you may also enlarge it if necessary.

You can add a sticky note or a frame on top of the draft to highlight the point to be corrected and write the changes in the text field that opens on the right. The text field in which you enter corrections is highlighted in the preview image with red borders. You can add more sticky notes or frames if there are more changes needed.

If your campaign includes several ad sizes and the changes apply to all ad sizes, it is enough to write the change proposal once and tell us in the comment field that the changes apply to all material sizes.

At this point, you may also upload new files.

Depending on whether you want a new print of the updated material or not, you have 2 options:

1 ) Approve the draft with changes

You use this approval method when you no longer want a new draft to be approved.

Add suggested edits to the draft in section 4.2. and then press “Approve with corrections”.

The changes you requested will be sent to production, after which we will publish the material as agreed. You will no longer receive a new draft from us.

2) Request a new corrected draft

Use this approval method when you want a new draft to be approved. 

Add correction suggestions to the draft as explained in section 4.2. and then press “Send for correction”.

Once the requested corrections have been made, new draft will be sent to you for review in the same way as the first draft.

Delivery of content marketing materials

Delivery address:

Email subject: ad format, advertiser name and publication date. (eg: Kauppalehti Partner Content – Company Oy – 1.3.2024)

Schedule: Publication ready native display and native article materials must be delivered no later than 5 business days before the agreed publication. For content marketing articles produced by Alma Brand Studio, the delivery time of the materials is 2-3 weeks before the start of the campaign, depending on the product and solution.

Sending the materials: It is strongly encouraged to send all the materials in the same email message.

Delivery of print materials

Delivery of materials to:

Kirjoitathan otsikkokenttään mainostavan asiakkaan nimen ja kampanja-ajan. Kerro lisäksi viestissä:

Please enter the name of the advertising client and campaign time in the title field. In addition, state the following in the message:

  1. The name of the advertiser
  2. Campaign time
  3. The chosen advertising solution
  4. The URL address to which the ad clicks will be directed (multichannel solutions only)
  5. Which campaign the materials belong to (you may use the ON-number, you received for material delivery)

Note! When emailing materials, enter the name and campaign time of the advertising client in the subject line.

Material delivery schedule for ILTALEHTI and KAUPPALEHTI:

Reservations and materials two (2) business days prior to publication.

The material must be submitted in accordance with the delivery instructions on the following schedule:

Publication date:Material date:
Monday Thursday 2 p.m.
Tuesday Friday at 2 p.m.
Wednesday Monday at 2 p.m. 
Thursday Tuesday at 2 p.m.
Friday Wednesday at 2 p.m.
Saturday  Thursday 2 p.m.

Reservations and materials for Kauppalehti’s classified advertisements three (3) working days before publication.

Reservations and materials for Iltalehti’s major editions three (3) working days before publication, with the exception of Juhannuslehti five (5) working days before publication.

The material coming to Iltalehti must be submitted electronically. Contact information must be included in the email.

Material delivery and publishing schedule for Alma Media papers and magazines:


Was the material transmission via the link not successful? Check if one of these common solutions could help you with your problem.

The material is not valid

When you try to send us pre-made material, the system automatically checks it. If you see the text “The material is incorrect” written in red, it has not passed the check and must be changed. You can see the exact error report, i.e. the cause of the error, on both the Summary and Validation tabs. The error is most often caused by the wrong dimensions of the material, too many kilobytes or the wrong file format.

Applicable browser

We recommend using one of the following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Edge or Safari. The delivery of materials is not possible with the Internet Explorer browser.

The right campaign

Material links are always campaign-specific. If the campaign has more than one ad reservation for materials of different sizes, check that you are adding the material that belongs to the right reservation. You can find detailed information about the campaign on the right side of the site in the “Additional information” tab.

Correct file format

Display advertising materials can be delivered as image files (.JPG, .GIF and .PNG), third-party tags or zip files.

Publication ready print ads must be in the .PDF format.

The deliverables for the production of the ad materials can be in any form. Text files are also accepted for example.

Adblocker enabled

The website does not work if you are using an AdBlocker in your browser. Disable AdBlocker or switch to another browser to use the site.

The campaign is missing a desired material size

See if section 5 might be of help in this problem. From the ‘Add Material’ button, you can select alternative material sizes.

Did not find an answer to your problem? If you need help with the delivery of the materials, contact Alma’s advertising management team at: . For urgent matters, you may also call +358 10 665 2990, on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.