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Alma provides you with versatile digital targeting solutions that can be bought directly or programmatically. Alma’s online users make up a network of profiled browsers, which allows the advertiser to accurately aim the message at the right target audiences. The network can be used to target advertising with Alma’s own, first-party data, which is based on sociodemographic data and the audiences’ interest areas.

Sociodemographic data can involve gender, age, occupation, and consumption habits. In addition, Alma Businessmedia reach and provide a wealth of data for targeting an extensive group of decision makers. Targeting decision makers can involve, for example, company size, employment, and entrepreneurial status.

To collect sociodemographic data, we run user surveys. After a survey collects a representative sample of sociodemographic data, we then use statistical methods to make generalizations about the public.

Based on previous browsing behaviours, we have already compiled 30 different interest-area target groups. Additionally, we can create new interest areas and target groups according to your needs. Users’ interest areas allow secure and accurate targeting that is constantly being updated based on the users’ browser behaviours.

We can also develop targeted advertising based on purchase intent data. For example, we gain purchase intent data for homebuyers from and for car buyers from and Iltalehti‘s car quizzes.

Other targeting opportunities

Targeted advertising can also include the medium, location, time, weather, device, browser, or operating system.

We can also create location-based desktop targeting that can gather information based on country, province, city, or postal code. In addition, mobile solutions can provide precise targeting within a specific location, based on GPS positioning.

Through Iltalehti’s weather section, you can also target your advertising based on real time weather information. For example, you can display different materials in sunny and rainy weather or display your ad only in cold weather.


Retargeting is advertising to people who have previously seen your ad, clicked on your ad, or visited your site. The goal of a retargeting campaign is usually to enhance advertising or conversion rates.

Retargeting can be carried out in the following ways:

Ask our media sales for more information about targeting options for your business!

Why target advertising?

  1. When the goal is to reach a specific target group, audience targeting offers a higher efficiency for advertising
  2. The efficiency of advertising increases when the message is appropriately customized for different target groups
  3. Recollection of the campaign message can be enhanced by retargeting

Tips for targeting

  1. Target by choosing the right media
  2. Make use of data
  3. Plan according to your audience’s buying journey
  4. Your message is the key
  5. Personalise your message according to your target group
  6. Attract a sufficient audience base