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Media advertising glossary

The media advertising field is becoming more and more diversified as technologies evolve. As a result, the measurability and optimization opportunities of advertising are improving. To speed your quest, some of the most important terms for advertisers are listed below.

  • CPM: Cost per Mille. (Also CPT, Cost per Thousand.) Cost per thousand impressions. The basic selling unit for advertising based on impressions. Advertising is purchased in batches of thousands of impressions.
  • CPV: Cost per View. (Also PPV, Price per View.) One of the pricing methods for video advertising.
  • Instream: This refers to advertising that is featured in news content streams. Pre-roll is presented before the video content, mid-roll is presented in the middle, and post-roll is presented after the video content.
  • KMT: The National Media Research (Kansallinen mediatutkimus, KMT) is a research entity commissioned jointly by the Finnish print media. The study yields the official print media “currency”, the audience estimate, which indicates how many thousand readers an average issue of a journal has.
  • Programmatic advertising: An online advertising automation that uses technology for the ad-buying process. The systems provide tools for buying, targeting, and optimizing advertising. Read more >>
  • Outstream: This refers to video advertising that is displayed outside the actual video content stream. An article video, or an inRead video, is an example of this. The inRead (Outstream) ad is shown in the middle of editorial articles.
  • Coverage%: The percentage (%) of the whole population or target group reached by an advertisement.
  • Post-roll: A video ad that is displayed after the actual video content.
  • Pre-roll: A video ad that appears before the actual video content.
  • Private deal: An individual agreement that opens a closed auction for an advertiser. In a closed auction, the advertiser can programmatically purchase pre-agreed target groups and ad formats.
  • Profile%: The percentage of, for example, the media audience that is included in the target group.
  • RTB: Real Time Bidding. A purchasing model for online advertising where transactions take place in real time through an auction.
  • TNS Atlas: The TNS Atlas surveys Finnish consumers’ attitudes towards nearly 1,300 brands, chains, and shopping locations and explores their media consumption. The TNS Atlas also provides a wealth of consumer information related to, for example, lifestyles, buying, hobbies, leisure, financial situations, and targets of interest.
  • TNS Mind Päättäjä: TNS Mind Päättäjä survey provides comprehensive and objective information for planning and targeting B2B marketing. The survey supports strategic media and B2B brand marketing planning and finding target groups for communication. The TNS Mind Päättäjä reveals the relationships among Finnish decision-makers, decision-maker or trade media, and B2B brands.

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