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Video Giant Panorama + wallpaper material instructions

The video material can be both wallpaper and Panorama material or justPanorama material, in which case the wallpaper material is a static image.

Alma offers the video wallpaper as a turnkey implementation.

Wallpaper / video size:

1600 x 1200 px (entire wallpaper area)

Video size max 4 mb, recommended length 10-30 sec.

The video is set to loop, so it is recommended that you edit the video so that it acts as a loop

A pause / play button can be added to the material, allowing the user to pause or restart the video

Giant Panorama material size:

  • 980 x 400 px (Giant Panorama  area)
  • It is possible to place graphic elements in * .png format (eg logo or text) on top of the video wallpaper so that the video is displayed below the graphics
Ad formatWallpaperParade
Size (pixels)1600 x 1200 px980 x 400 px
(Possible) image material size (max. Kb.)300 kt100 kt
File format of (possible) image materialGIF, JPG, PNGGIF, JPG, PNG
Recommended video length10-30 sec.10-30 sec.
Video size (max. Mb)4 mb4 mb
Video file format.mp4.mp4