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Swipe cube

Swipe cube

A rotating cube that can have 3-5 pages

The cube rotates once automatically, after which the user can rotate the cube by swiping

Cube pages can have a link, click-to-call, click-to-calendar, click-to-apple-store, click-to-play-store

The ad can also be created as a regular swipe ad, in which case the ad does not rotate but slides from page to page

Material instructions:

  • Ad size on site: 300 x 300 pixels
  • The images of the cube are provided as a ready-made sprite image, an example of which is given below. 300×900 (3 images), 300×1200 (4 images), 300×1500 (5 images)
  • Maximum size: 200 kb
  • Format: PNG, JPEG
  • Links: Each page of the cube can have its own link address
  • Alma Media executes the advertisement on the basis of the materials provided by the advertiser