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Sustainable Alma Media

Alma Media strives to act in ways that boost the sustainable growth of individuals, companies and society.

Our digital services serve both consumers and professionals. As a media company, we support constructive social discussion and democracy, and offer experiences and insights.

We have earned our customers’ trust thanks to our interesting and accurate content, good service, excellent user experience and our impeccable record in processing customer data. Therefore, we develop our corporate responsibility with a particular emphasis on journalism, marketing, information security and data protection – without forgetting our responsibility for the environment and our employees.

Our sustainability goals

We have set goals for each area of sustainability and we report regularly on our progress towards our targets.  The objectives are also discussed on these pages in the sections describing the different aspects of our sustainability.

Contributor to a sustainable society

High-quality service provider

Responsible employer

Reliable partner


Working together

Our efforts to develop our corporate responsibility are supported by a group of reliable long-term partners. We also participate in a number of corporate responsibility networks and cooperation bodies that serve as our antennas towards the field of corporate responsibility in general.

Our most significant partnerships and memberships are presented below.