Alma Talent planning potential discontinuation of Metallitekniikka, Tekniikan Historia and Markkinointi&Mainonta publications and initiates statutory personnel negotiations

Alma Media Corporation        Press release    28 September 2020


Alma Talent statutory personnel negotiations will focus on the planned efficiency improvements and restructuring of the production and media sales of the publications Metallitekniikka, Tekniikan Historia and Markkinointi&Mainonta and the potential subsequent measures concerning personnel as well as the justifications for, impacts of and alternatives to the measures in question.

The need for operational restructuring arises from the weak development of the profitability of the three media products, which has been intensified in part by the coronavirus epidemic. The negotiations stem from Alma Talent’s strategic transformation to focus even more on the paid digital media business.

- “Marketing and advertising are very important sectors for us, and we will strengthen our coverage and analysis of these sectors in Kauppalehti as we go forward. Similarly, if the decision is made to discontinue the Metallitekniikka and Tekniikan Historia magazines, we will continue to publish news on these topics in print and digital format in the Tekniikka&Talous publication,” says Executive Editor-in-Chief of Alma Talent Arno Ahosniemi.

In addition to changes in job descriptions, potential redundancies and related retraining issues will also discussed in the negotiations. According to the preliminary plan, the number of employees may be reduced by a maximum of 10 person-years as a consequence of the planned measures. The scope of the negotiations is 15 people in total. 

The statutory personnel negotiations concern those employees in Alma Talent’s editorial teams who are responsible for the production of Metallitekniikka, Tekniikan Historia and Markkinointi&Mainonta as well as those employees in Alma Talent’s media sales who are responsible for Metallitekniikka’s media sales.

The Metallitekniikka and Tekniikan Historia magazines have each had a circulation of approximately 6,000. The print volume of Markkinointi&Mainonta has been 3,500 and its monthly digital audience has been approximately 190,000. 

For more information, please contact:
Arno Ahosniemi, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Alma Talent, tel. +358 040 588 6834

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  • Date: 28.9.2020, 11:00
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