Shared rules of journalism are important

  • Date: 12.1.2016, 13:00
  • News type: News
  • Theme: Journalism
  • Text: Pia-Marie Rauhala ja Diana Törnroos

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Targeted content will also engage media consumers in future

Future consumers will use media for entertainment, sensations and ways of self-expression. But quality will also sell.

Alma Media

News produced by algorithms

News articles made by robots are just around the corner in Finland, too. Imagining it, a publisher may see euro symbols, a journalist a horror scenario. It will be easier to form an opinion on the matter if you know what it is about.


Great opportunities

Finnmedia's CEO demands improvements in media's operational environment but urges the media sector to get active as well. For example, a regional approach and having strong trust in regional media among audiences are both resources that are not fully utilised in the digital environment.


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