ALMA MEDIA CORP. STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 8.1.2003, 2.00 PM (1/2) ALMA MEDIA REGROUPS INTO FOUR DIVISIONS Alma Media is seeking greater organizational efficiency by grouping Alprint and some of the Alma Media Interactive division’s functions into a new division called Media Services. MTV-branded Interactive services have been moved to the Broadcasting division. These changes took effect on 1 January 2003. The Media Services division is headed by Raimo Mäkilä. Erkki Kulmala has been nominated as President of Alprint Oy from 1 March 2003. Raimo Mäkilä to head Media Services division Alma Media adopted a new organization based around four divisions at the beginning of 2003. A new division called Media Services has been formed from Alprint, the classified and new ventures operations previously managed by Alma Media Interactive, and Alma Media’s corporate R&D activities. A separate information systems business unit, Alma Media Information Systems, has been established in the Media Services division that pulls together all Alma Media’s information systems as well as its interactive technology services, i.e. Interactive’s Network Services. Net sales of the Media Services division totals approximately MEUR 70 and it has about 450 employees. Media Services is headed by Raimo Mäkilä, previously president of Alma Media Interactive. Alprint, which specializes in magazine printing, will be headed by Heikki Salonen until the end of February 2003. Mr Salonen will continue to work for Alprint and to sit on Alma Media’s Executive Committee, reporting to President and CEO Juho Lipsanen, until his retirement in May 2003. Erkki Kulmala has been named President of Alprint Oy from 1 March 2003. Kulmala reports to Raimo Mäkilä. Mr Kulmala is currently president of I-print Oy, the printing subsidiary of listed company Ilkka- yhtymä Oy. MTV-brand services moved to Broadcasting The Broadcasting division was expanded at the start of 2003 to include the MTV-brand business units MTV3 Internet, MTV3 Text Channel and the MTV connection business. These units, previously part of Alma Media Interactive, have been placed in a new Broadcasting business unit called MTV Interactive which is also responsible for developing the interactive functions of MTV Oy’s digital television services and for MTV3-Tele. The new business unit is headed by Heikki Vahala, who also sits on Broadcasting’s board of management. MTV Interactive has net sales of approx. MEUR 13 and roughly 60 employees. Sales growth with lower costs The organizational changes will create higher efficiency and greater scope for exploiting synergies, says Alma Media’s CEO Juho Lipsanen. "Placing all the MTV-brand units within Broadcasting enables us to use our media sales resources more efficiently and to offer new services to the consumer and media markets.ö 2/2 The purpose behind the formation of the new Media Services division, Lipsanen continues, is to target business growth especially in the Alprint and in classified services units. The support units will henceforth operate in a more business-oriented way as profit centres. The new organization has been set the target of achieving a clear improvement in profitability during the current planning period, i.e. until the end of 2005. Since the adoption of the new organization will affect the position of certain employees in the parent company, Broadcasting and Interactive, personnel negotiations have been started in the units affected. Further information: Juho Lipsanen, President and CEO, +358 9 507 8714 Ahti Martikainen, VP, Corporate Communications and IR, +358 9 507 8514 Photo of Mr Erkki Kulmala at
New organizational chart at ALMA MEDIA CORPORATION Ahti Martikainen VP, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Distribution: Helsinki Exchanges, Principal Media
  • Date: 8.1.2003, 08:00
  • News type: Stock exchange release

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