Change drivers in the operating environment

Changes in consumer behaviour, the fragmentation of the advertising market, intensifying competition and technological development have changed media consumption and marketing at a very rapid rate. Alma Media faces different forces of change in the company's operating environment.
Business environment

Economic trends in operating countries

  • Economies of all Alma Media's major operating countries are decelerating.
  • Classified advertising is sensitive to economic fluctuations. Advertising market overall continues to be soft in Finland.
  • Concentration to urban regions continues.

Media consumption

  • Mobile is the primary channel for most consumers.
  • The demand for print media continues to decrease.
  • Willingness to pay for digital news media content increases.


  • The role of international technology giants continues to strengthen in many areas.
  • Competition in the recruitment business tightens.
  • Retail sector invests in its own media solutions.

Technology and data

  • The role of technology and automation in all business functions and processes increases.
  • Data, its ownership and databased business solutions have a major importance for business in the future.
  • Rapid changes in the technological operating environment require investments in competence. The competition for skilled employees is intense.

Marketing and advertising

  • Marketing structural change and marketing automation continues.
  • Print advertising continues to decrease.
  • New forms of digital advertising e.g. content marketing importance grows. 


  • The regulatory environment continues to be complexed.
  • Data privacy regulation, GDPR and ePrivacy, place more and more demands for businesses.