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Lessons in marketing

Over the past few years, programmatic buying has become part of the standard toolbox of digital advertising in Finland, but it remains an area where many companies are still taking their first steps. 

In 2016, Alma Media began to organise regular events to provide advice and guidance on programmatic buying to media agencies and Alma Media’s advertisers. 

“With trading desks, third-party data vendors and suppliers of various advertising display verification tools having become commonplace in the field programmatic buying, it is important to have access to information on these subjects,” says Maarit Toivonen, Programmatic Buying Media Specialist at Alma Media Solutions.

“Programmatic buying offers many advantages to advertisers, but it also requires them to have new competencies. It is important to understand the entire chain of programmatic buying and its transparency: on what websites have the advertisements been displayed, how to ensure that advertising is displayed on safe media environments and, in particular, how are the costs of programmatically bought advertising divided between the various parties involved,” Toivonen adds.

The aim of the events organised by Alma Media is to ensure that advertisers are familiar with the operating principles related to programmatic buying and the various parties involved, and that they understand what factors should be taken into consideration by buyers of advertising space when using programmatic buying to avoid unexpected pitfalls.