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For better schools

Profesia, a Slovakian recruitment service company that is part of Alma Media Group, introduced a skills academy for school principals in 2018, focusing on the development of human resource management in schools.

The project is aimed at developing Slovakian schools as work environments and reducing teacher turnover. A total of 22 principals from different regions of Slovakia are participating in the academy pilot.  

“There have been problems in the education sector for a long time already, and schools are generally not seen as attractive employers,” says Profesia’s CSR Manager Anna Podlesná, explaining the background of the project.

To provide schools with improved opportunities to find competent teachers to fill vacancies, Profesia also allows schools and other educational institutions to post job adverts free of charge on its website for jobs in the education sector. The number of vacancies advertised by the education sector has nearly tripled as a result.