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Responsible partner connected helpers with those needed help

During the outbreak of the corona virus, Alma’s subsidiary, the Czech-based LMC, developed platform, which connected volunteer helpers and companies or individuals in need of assistance (e.g., shopping assistance for seniors). The service was developed from the initial idea to the execution over one weekend by employees who wanted to participate. 

-The idea was thrown on a Saturday afternoon in our internal discussion channel. Then it just spontaneously got big in terms of people and energy. An hour later we had our CEO joining us to help make the idea better. Next our product development took the lead of UX and in the meantime SW designers started to draft the first prototype, tells Tomáš Dombrovský, head of PR & Comms at LMC.

-The whole idea was organic from bottom to top. All people who were involved wanted to participate because they saw it helpful and important, Tomáš continues. 

The name “Dobro” refers to greater good.