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The new OviPro revolutionises the work of the real estate agent: all the tools for professionals in real estate business in one service

Alma Media Corporation       Press Release                            23 January 2023 at 12.00 PM


Alma Media, which offers the most comprehensive housing and residential trade media and services in Finland, has today launched the first phase of the new Ovipro system for real estate agents. OviPro will revolutionise the digital estate agency by bringing all the tools of a broker behind a single login the first time ever. 

Developed for customers' needs

Alma Media's current real estate agency KIVI has been the market leader in the industry since 2006. Cooperation with its users ensures that OviPro meets the needs of Finnish brokers.

“KIVI's thousands of daily users have created a good understanding of real estate pain points for Alma Media. For us it is all about ease, speed and cost-effectiveness,” says Tuomo Räsänen, CEO of Bo LKV, who participated in the development of OviPro.

OviPro, which utilises interfaces (APIs), works seamlessly with both government services and financial and customer management systems used by inter alia brokerage companies. “We want the entire real estate industry to take a significant leap in digitality”, says Risto Kyhälä, CEO of a major real estate agency in Finland, Kiinteistömaailma. The company is also involved in the development of OviPro and is introducing the service package in its chain extended with additional features.

OviPro enables the broker to focus on the most important

OviPro keeps the broker informed of the current situation of its own sales items, automatically retrieves and completes information, reminds of upcoming tasks and provides applications, homepages and marketing materials fitted into the brokerage's own brand image. This allows the broker to focus on what matters most, namely serving the customers.

“Each client must have the feel of uniqueness while the broker moves between numerous commissions and from place to place. In the fragmented work of the broker, the help and reminders of the system are invaluable,” Räsänen continues.

Partner for industry digitalisation

Alma Media is committed to the diversified development of services in the housing industry. The company cooperates with industry players on a long-term basis to exploit the possibilities of digitalisation. KIVI was the first to utilise digital housing sales documents, and the first fully digital real estate transactions (DIAS) were made in KIVI in 2022.

OviPro will further accelerate development as its advanced cloud-based architecture enables agile innovations to both look and feel as well as functionality. For example, OviPro provides the widest tools in the industry for managing customer relationships. Alma Media's unique knowledge of housing industry practices is also crystallised in the new service package.

“With OviPro, I can trust that all the requirements of the broker's responsibilities and legal obligations are met,” says Niina Eskelinen, KIVI user and CEO of Koto LKV brokerage.


  • The broadest range of services on the market for real estate agents
  • 3000+ users migrate to OviPro from KIVI in their preferred timeframe
  • Direct access to government services (e.g. the tax authorities, National Land Survey of Finland, Apartment Information System, Enterprise and Community Information System) and information systems used by brokerage shops, two-way data transfer
  • Selection of Kiinteistömaailma, Finland's largest brokerage shop
  • Published in stages

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