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Rantapallo Named Travel Influencer of the Year

The Rantapallo travel website received the Travel Influencer of the Year Award at the Finnish Travel Gala on 5 October 2018. This event, now in its second year, recognises travel industry operators for their responsibility, innovation and improvement
of the sector’s public image.

Rantapallo received the award for the following reasons given by the public and the jury: 

“Rantapallo is an impressive and functional Finnish travel media platform that has held its own against tough international competition. Rantapallo is making a constant effort to increase and deepen its content and it is actively present in various social media networks. The articles and blogs have a vast number of readers and followers, which shows that they are doing things right at Rantapallo.”

“This award recognises our content work, so it means a lot to us. We know our travelling audience well and are able to inspire them by providing useful and entertaining content. Our travel offers are prominent on social media and our big travel
blogger community offers elements to identify with and ideas for travel planning. We have also done long-term content marketing with companies and achieved excellent results,” says Rantapallo’s account director Milla Himberg.

Check out Rantapallo’s joyous gala atmosphere here.

Rantapallo attracts 896,000 travel enthusiasts every month

For anyone planning to travel, Rantapallo offers everything from last-minute deals to ideas for round-the-world trips. Destination guides, travel tips, blogs, special offers and price comparisons help visitors plan trips that suit their needs. Once they
know their route, they can make bookings conveniently and securely through the website.

The content provided on the Rantapallo website inspires 896,000 unique visitors each month. The dream of travelling leads many of them all the way to the runway, as numerous bookings are made through the website, from last-minute departures to holiday

81% of website visitors have such a strong desire to travel that they will have their next trip abroad marked in their calendars within a year. They have barely unpacked their suitcases from their last trip and are making their next bookings already.

Rantapallo visitors use more money on travelling than other segments of the population

A typical Rantapallo website visitor is an urban woman who is approximately 40 years old. Families with children account for 41% of visitors. Adventurous Rantapallo visitors are hungry for new experiences and always want to find new holiday destinations.
Two thirds of the visitors spend their extra money on a holiday or save for the next one. They are also interested in package holidays and in exploring and comparing them, and it is not always necessary to cross the Finnish borders to experience something

“Rantapallo is where Finnish travellers are. Our content does not only offer inspiration and useful travel information, but many of the visitors to the website also book their trips through our website. In other words, we also reach customers who
are ready to travel. Rantapallo offers everything a traveller needs before check-in,” Himberg says.

New features and improved search services on the horizon for 2019

Rantapallo is now available in print for the first time, as the first Rantapallo travel magazine was published on 9 January. The magazine can be bought together with Iltalehti newspapers in early 2019, and it will also be available free of charge at the
Matka Nordic Travel Fair from 18 to 20 January. The strong utilisation of content marketing will continue on the website, and new ways to appeal to the public will be introduced. In social media, the commercial Facebook live videos will continue to
gain more momentum.

“Our search features will also be reformed in 2019. People are less set on a specific destination and in addition to the traditional search criterion of holiday duration, they also search trips based on flight time and average temperatures. We want
to respond to these changing ways of finding experiences,” Himberg says.

How do travellers prefer to spend their holidays, and what are their travel searches like?

Rantapallo’s Milla is happy to tell more about Finnish travellers and how to reach this travel-hungry target group. Don’t hesitate to contact her!

Milla Himberg
Account Director, Rantapallo
Tel. +358 40 047 8100



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