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Peetu Öunap appointed as the product development director of the Alma Media Solutions unit

Alma Media Corporation                   Press release April 11, 2016


Peetu Öunap has been appointed as the product development director of Alma Media’s Alma Media Solutions unit starting May 30 2016. In Alma Media Solutions, Öunap is responsible for developing national and especially network and mobile products for Alma’s advertiser customers.

Öunap has acted as Finland’s country manager in Gravity4, which focuses on marketing automation and online advertising. In 2010, he opened the office of EuroAds, which specialises in performance-based online marketing, in Finland, acting as the company’s sales director. Gravity4 acquired EuroAds in 2015.  Öunap was also involved in the early phases of Kontaktointitoimisto Toinen. In addition, he was employed at Alma Media in 1999–2007, including Radio Nova, which was part of the Alma Group at that time, and was involved in the launch of Kauppalehti Presso.

 –  I have been engaged in media throughout my career and I am now “returning home” to Alma. Alma Media is a media company that is now in an interesting phase. I believe that the company has fine opportunities ahead because digitalisation has been seriously taken into consideration in all of Alma’s operations and business development. My aim is to find good ways of producing better targeted advertising to consumers and thereby provide customers with a better return on advertisement investments, says Peetu Öunap.

– We are strengthening our product portfolio and existing products and investing strongly in developing solutions for programmatic buying and data utilisation solutions. Peetu also brings valuable expertise to Alma in international marketing, says Tiina Järvilehto, head of the Alma Media Solutions unit.

The Alma Media Solutions unit serves advertisers in the development, marketing and sales of media sales products at the Alma level. Its task is to apply itself to customers’ marketing communications challenges and also offer comprehensive solutions outside the boundaries of traditional media advertising. Alma Media Solutions is part of Alma’s national media sales entity. Alma’s products can be bought programmatically or under the traditional buying model.

More information:
Tiina Järvilehto, Director, Alma Media Solutions, tel. +358 (0)10 665 2015  

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