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Alma Manu planning to reorganise its distribution operations in Pirkanmaa

Alma Media Corporation        Press Release     21 July 2014 at 10:00 a.m. (EEST)


Alma Manu, the printing and distribution company of Alma Media, is planning to reorganise its distribution and transport network. The arrangements are aimed at responding better to the needs of existing customers and enabling new distribution services. Due to the planned measures, Alma Manu will start statutory personnel negotiations concerning delivery staff in Pirkanmaa.

The negotiations pertain to improving efficiency and reorganising operations, as well as measures that may affect personnel. The negotiations concern Alma Manu’s entire delivery staff in Pirkanmaa, 570 persons in total.

According to the preliminary view of the company, the amount of work in distribution operations may reduce by a maximum of 20 man-years. The potential reduction in employee hours may lead to layoffs. However, the aim is to minimise the effect the measures have on employees. The potential impact on employees will be determined as the negotiations progress, and they will take effect in April 2015.

For more information, please contact:
Helvi Liukkaala, Managing Director, Alma Manu Oy, tel. +358 10 665 3009

Alma Manu in brief

Alma Manu Oy is a pioneer of printing and distribution. It brings together the newspaper printing press in Tampere and the morning newspaper delivery in the Pirkanmaa, Satakunta and Lapland provinces. Alma Manu prints 5 million and delivers 1.6 million newspapers per week. It is Finland’s second largest newspaper morning delivery company. Alma Manu employs approximately 1,100 people and is part of Alma Media. Read more at

Alma Media in brief

Alma Media is a media company focusing on digital services and publishing. In addition to news services, the company’s products provide useful information related to lifestyle, career and business development. The services of Alma Media have expanded from Finland to the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Central Europe. The company employs 1,965 professionals (excluding distributors), of whom approximately one third work outside Finland. Alma Media’s revenue in 2013 totalled approximately MEUR 300. Alma Media’s share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Read more at

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