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Alma Media releases Meedio, a new self-service marketing tool

Alma Media Corporation             Press Release                18 February 2014, 13:00 p.m. (EET)


Alma Media is introducing a new marketing service, Meedio, which compiles all Finnish companies under one website and offers a self-service tool for companies’ marketing management.

Alma Media’s Meedio service is a response to the new automation and self-service trend gaining ground in the world of marketing, where the purchasing of marketing is increasingly taking place via automated online services.

“The aim of automated and self-service marketing is to bring improved efficiency to marketing and to streamline marketing and sales operations by automating regular and repetitive, time-consuming marketing functions. At the same time, it supports timely marketing and helps reach customers at every stage of the purchasing process – including mobile platforms,” says Janne Tuominiemi, Director of Digital Marketing Services at Alma Media.

Meedio combines in one system a number of different functions that many companies have already used for a long time. Marketing functions can now be managed on one dashboard, helping a company take care of their directory presence, e-commerce sales and marketing operations, web analytics and digital marketing in Alma Media’s regional and local newspapers in a cost-efficient manner. Consumers, in turn, can use Meedio to find all companies in Finland as well as different offers and online products.

“We want to make marketing functions as simple as possible for businesses: you can get visibility with a just a couple clicks. Currently, Meedio can be used for buying visibility on the websites of Alma Media’s regional and local newspapers, but the service will be extended also to cover the nationwide Kauppalehti and Iltalehti websites. Our goal is also to facilitate the purchasing of advertising space in Alma Media’s print media,” Tuominiemi adds.

As online shopping is becoming more popular, media companies are looking to offer online companies a wider range of marketing options in addition to traditional advertising sales. Alma Media’s Meedio service is easily integrated with different online shop platforms.

“Media companies have typically linked retailers with customers through advertising, which informs consumers of a company’s services. Now that retail business is moving more and more online, we want to offer businesses new, alternative and more effective ways of reaching consumers online. Meedio allows for businesses to build an extensive showroom, where consumers will find tips and products that they are interested in. We will develop the service further and in the future our aim is to increase Meedio’s offering for online retailers,” Tuominiemi concludes.

Alma Media will close its service and its users will be redirected to Meedio in the future.

Visit Meedio at

More information:

Janne Tuominiemi, Director, Digital Marketing Services, Alma Diverso, tel. +358 40 554 7416

Minna Nissinen, Senior Vice President, Alma Diverso, tel. +358 40 766 6726

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