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Alma Media has received a request to convene an extraordinary general meeting

Alma Media Corporation Stock Exchange Release          23.4.2010 at 3 pm


Alma Media Corporation has today received a request from its shareholder Oy Herttaässä Ab (company registration number 0761658-8), addressed to the Board of Directors of Alma Media, regarding a demand to invite an extraordinary meeting of shareholders to convene. The main points of the request, written originally in Finnish, are (unofficial translation):

“The applicant demands that the Board of Directors invite an extraordinary shareholder meeting to convene to:

1.       Decide upon the printing facility investment
The Board of Directors is requested to present to the extraordinary shareholder meeting a clarification regarding the necessity and profitability of the planned printing facility investment to Sarankulma in Tampere, taking into account the growth and growth prospects of the internet and other electronic media in significance, as well as that there is plenty of printing capacity in Finland presently for the needs of printed media.

The clarification is requested to, as the investment is for the company very significant and challenging especially taking into account the present market environment, even though the decision is within the decision powers of the Board of Directors.

Based on the clarification the extraordinary meeting will decide upon the continuation or cancellation of the investment.

2.       Increasing the number of the members of and complementing the Board of Directors
The applicant proposes to the extraordinary general meeting that there number of members in Board of Directors be eight until the end of the next Annual General meeting, thus complement the Board of Directors by one member.
The applicant proposes that Mr Kai Mäkelä, according to his consent, is elected to the Board of Directors in addition of the members elected in the Annual General Meeting.”

Oy Herttaässä Ab held on 31st March 13,48 % of Alma Media’s shares and voting rights. The Board of Directors of Alma Media Corporation will discuss the received letter of request in the manner provided by the Finnish Companies Act.

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Rauno Heinonen, VP, Corporate Communications and IR

Distribution: NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, principal media

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