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Ikuisuus.fi is an online service that automatically publishes all obituaries published in Alma Regions’ regional and local papers. Ikuisuus.fi makes it easy to browse and search for obituaries; for example, based on the name or date of birth of the deceased.

Family members can complement the obituary by creating a private or public memorial page for the deceased person. For deceased persons for whom an obituary has not been published in one of our newspapers, family members can create a digital obituary at Ikuisuus.fi and create a memorial page to complement it.

The memorial page can be as concise or extensive as its creator wants it to be. It can be finished in one go, or the friends and family of the deceased can gradually add more content to it. The content of memorial pages can include not only memories and stories of the deceased, but also photos and other content, such as a grandmother’s favourite recipe for others to see. Visitors can also send their condolences to family members via the memorial page, and the condolence messages received at the funeral can be uploaded for other visitors to see.

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