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Forerunner Package

Newsletter + Tablet + Mobile

Forerunner Package makes it simple, you only need one creative material for all three placements!

With this package you will get more visibility through Kauppalehti’s mobile and tablet added to the newsletter visibility.

A. The newsletter of Kauppalehti – most read among decision makers

  • A week of advertising with a box in the newsletter, which appears twice a day, seven days a week
  • 52,000 recipients in a day

B. Tablet – Kauppalehti always on the reach

  • Box in the tablet
  • 150,000 impressions

C. Kauppalehti – The best in mobile in Finland

  • Giant Panorama in mobile
  • 200,000 impressions

Ad material

  • Box 300 x 300 px.
  • Static jpg or gif (no flash or tags from 3rd parties), max. 40 kb.

€ 6,940 per week

All prices exclude VAT. Alma Talent reserves the right to adjust the prices during the year.