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More than 50% of users access on a mobile device

The typical user of is a young adult aged 18–34. Mobile phones are an increasingly integral part of young people’s daily lives – also when they are looking for a place to rent. Since 2014, has been a responsive site, meaning that it adapts to various screens and devices.

Its mobile use has grown steadily in recent years. In July 2013, more than 75% of users accessed the service on a computer, with the share of mobile users being less than 25%. The share of mobile users on a smartphone or tablet exceeded 50% in July 2015. With 38% of all use, smartphones are far more popular than tablets for when using is being developed continuously and is increasingly becoming a mobile marketplace for rental housing. 

Source: TNS Atlas 2014, TNS Gallup Oy, target group 15–74; Google Analytics.