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Buyer for an apartment through a single digital campaign

A great deal of attention is paid to click-through rates (CTR) in display advertising. However, the CTR is only the numerical aspect of effectiveness. The most important aspects are meeting the goal of the campaign, and satisfied  client. 

The construction company Peab ran an advertising campaign with excellent results in November 2015. The company had previously advertised on in various regions. In November, however, it ran its first digital campaign in the Tampere region.  The four-day campaign had a clearly defined tactical goal. Most of the apartments in a building constructed by Peab had been sold, with the exception of a few high-end apartments. The goal of the advertising campaign was to attract as many potential buyers as possible to an upcoming showing.

The advertising campaign consisted of two ad spaces on front-page domination and the best space on the search results page, top 980x400px.  Similar large banners were used in both spaces to attract maximum attention from people looking for an apartment in Tampere. The advertisement was shown on the front page to visitors who had previously searched for apartments in Tampere. It was also displayed in the best space on the search results page.

Based on material submitted by the client, advertisement designer Pasi Jormalainen created a combination of banners, paying special attention to the the message and its placement in the banners. The turnkey campaign was based on close cooperation between the client, the salesperson and the designer.

The Tampere Region department of Peab was very satisfied with their first digital campaign and intends to further invest in digital marketing on They achieved their main goal: the flat was sold and the buyer had learned about the apartment through this campaign.

What is your goal? Contact our sales department, and we will find a way to reach your target audience.