Mobile advertising

Alma’s mobile network reaches four million unique browsers weekly, which makes it one of the most pervasive mobile advertising networks in Finland.

Alma’s mobile network offers the opportunity to advertise using a run-of-network (RON) solution, or the advertiser can utilize audience packages and targeting. The interactivity and effectiveness of advertising is boosted by a diverse range of rich media advertising. Functional rich media campaigns can utilize mobile phone features such as the camera, GPS location, shaking, swiping and video. Mobile-rich media campaigns have an average engagement rate that is more than six times higher than that of static material.

Forms of advertising

The forms of advertising available for mobile platforms include static images, video advertisements and rich media. Activation methods include for example click-to-website, click-to-text message, click-to app store, click-to-video, click-to-coupon and click-to-map (store locator).  

Basic forms of rich media advertising are swipe cube, store locator, video parade, calendar advertisement and scratch card.

HTML5-based special solutions can be implemented by using the Celtra tool provided by Alma. The easy-to-use, browser-based tool operates on a simple drag-and-drop principle and requires no separate coding. 

Audience packages on the Alma Mobile Network

  • News
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Cars
  • Living
  • Media and sections
  • Alma Mobile RON

Why use the Alma network for mobile advertising?

  1. Consumers have gone mobile: on average, approximately half of the online consumption of Alma’s media takes place on mobile devices.
  2. Mobile is an excellent advertising platform because it is personal, always with the user, tactile and participatory, and it enables rich functional forms of advertising.
  3. Mobile advertising takes the advertiser close to the moment of purchase, into the consumer’s pocket, to influence both brand perceptions and purchase intentions.


Celtra solutions

Celtra is an effective tool for rich media advertising solutions on both desktop and mobile.



More information on targeting opportunities in mobile advertising is available here.

Source: Mads