Content marketing

Does your company have a product or service that you would like to describe to a large audience? Do you need more traffic on your company’s own media? Would you like to establish continuous interaction between your brand and a high-purchasing-power audience? Do you want to create a closer relationship between your company and Finland’s most influential audience of decision-makers?

Alma’s media provide a variety of opportunities for content marketers. Native advertising refers to content marketing aimed at directing the target audience to content produced by the company. In many cases, simply producing high-quality content for the company website or blog is not enough to attract a sufficient audience. For the content to reach a sufficiently large target audience, it must be displayed on websites that are already frequented by a suitable target audience.

There are many options available in content marketing in both print media and digital channels. We create, plan and implement content marketing solutions that suit each customer’s goals and marketing budget, and we measure the effectiveness of content marketing against the targets set for it.

Why use content marketing?

  1. Improve awareness of your products and the loyalty of your customers by providing content that matches the tone and identity of your brand 
  2. Become a thought leader in your industry by generating discussion and teaching the audience something new
  3. Create a connection with members of your potential audience by publishing content that interests them.

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Jukka Hurme

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Content marketing solutions


Advertorials published in print publications are the most widely known form of content marketing. An advertorial is a print advertisement that is written and laid out like an editorial article. Advertorials provide a convincing method of presenting a company’s special expertise or the benefits of its services using the voice of the customer.


Articles as advertisements function much like advertorials in print media, meaning that they are an excellent method of presenting a product or service as part of the daily life of the members of its target audience.

A blog keeps readers coming back and helps build a long-term relationship. Regularity is key in blogging. A good blog entry is often an opinion piece that attracts comments and gets shared on social media.

Reader competitions and tests activate the company’s target audience to make them engaged with the company’s operations, to test their knowledge of a product, or to evaluate a service. The participants provide the company with leads, or potential customers, but it is important to remember to ask the respondents for their consent.

Test groups are a way for a company to quickly obtain information on user preferences and they help marketers in the development of the product, service or communications.

Studio is the marketer’s own media channel within mass media. It offers marketers a direct connection with the target audience, such as decision-makers.  Studio can include written communications or video communications in the form of blog entries and articles.

Videos facilitate versatile content marketing. The ideal length of a video clip is approximately 30 seconds.

A product presentation or testimonial video increases the potential customer’s confidence in the product and gives existing customers a better understanding of the company’s product range.

An interview video can be used to communicate the company’s story in an interesting manner to the target audience.

A tutorial video helps potential customers understand how they can get the most out of their experience with the product or service.

Examples and recommendations related to content marketing and the general performance metrics used in native advertising are also available in the IAB guide (in Finnish).

Examples of content marketing on Alma’s media

Case Iltalehti

Sales boost through mobile advertising

In terms of marketing, summer is a challenging time for car dealers. Citroën reached people through mobile advertising. Its microsite attracted a large number of clicks, with a high commitment rate.

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Case Kauppalehti

Increased visibility for content

Estonian Business School ran a Kauppalehti Studio article about pursuing an international degree alongside work. It was a new, fresh way to provide information about the university and its degree programmes. The campaign outperformed its targets, with no negative feedback.

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