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Alma Media is a media company focusing on digital services and publishing.

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Our news medias and digital services reach almost 80% of all 15-74 year old Finns every week. 

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Alma creates sustainable growth, making use of digitisation opportunities in its business operations.

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Working at Alma

Alma is a company for those who want to shape the future. We work among different brands in different cities but we are all united by a common attitude #almaspirit!

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Alma Media Solutions

Our news media and digital services cover almost 80% of the total Finnish population each week. For advertisers, the wide reach accompanied with exceptionally developed tools for targeting provide excellent opportunities.

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Sustainable Alma Media

We offer sustainable growth for business, people and society.

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Latest news

Online rich media ads engage users and improve user experience

Online advertising that doesn’t feel annoying, doesn’t disrupt the experience of consuming media content, captures the users’ attention and is also effective. Impossible? Not at all.


Santtu Elsinen keeping a watch on Alma's digitalisation

The significance of digitalisation has to be understood throughout the organisation, says Alma’s new CDO.


Processed data for advertisers

The various means to utilise data have developed fast during the last few years. Today we can obtain very accurate information about consumer interests and behaviour.


Lack of competent staff on the increase – get ready

The recruitment market is being shaken by a number of pressures and trends. The concept of work and ways of working are changing dramatically, and there is intense rivalry for competent staff.



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Alma Media
Tsekkaa Alma Talentin tuottajan Ossin vinkit sisältömarkkinointiin. #sisältömarkkinointi #markkinointi
6:56 AM - 20 tammi 2017
Alma Media
100 asiaa, jotka pitää tietää juuri nyt: @kauppalehti #suomi100
1:32 PM - 19 tammi 2017
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Alma Media
Listasimme vuoden 2016 suosituimmat jutut Alma...
Alma Media
Helmikuun #AlmaTalk-tapahtuman aiheena #ohjelmallinenostaminen. Lue lisää ja ilmoittaudu: #markkinointi #mainonta
8:43 AM - 18 tammi 2017
Alma Media
Aamulehden Elina Paasonen on Vuoden urheilutoimittaja - onnittelut @eelinpaas! #almaspirit #rohkeuskasvaa
7:29 AM - 18 tammi 2017
Alma Media
Luotettava media avaa yleisölle sen, ketkä julkaisupäätöksiä tekevät ja kuka on vastuussa. #vastuullinenmedia
2:28 PM - 17 tammi 2017
Alma Media
Vuoden toimisto -tutkimuksen parhaimmisto on valittu! Katso shortlist täältä: #markkinointi #vuodentoimisto
11:08 AM - 16 tammi 2017
Alma Media
Alma Talent etsii nyt kahta tapahtumamyynnin traineeta! #almaspirit #rekry #työpaikat
12:28 PM - 13 tammi 2017