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Alma Media has a wide reach in active Finnish population and offers a wide range of media outlets, news channels and online services. The local, regional and nationwide printed newspapers together with desktop and mobile solutions cover 80% of the total Finnish population (15-74 yrs). Alma digital network generates 8,5 million browsers per week, of which 54% are desktop and 46% mobile browsers. For advertisers, the wide reach accompanied with exceptionally developed tools for targeting provide a strong and sustainable basis for growth with Alma Media.

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Finland’s largest media companies have launched a shared Automated Guaranteed marketplace

Alma Media's digital advertising products are now available through an Automated Guaranteed marketplace shared by Finland's biggest media companies. The new purchasing method speeds up and makes it easier to buy media space, while decreasing the amount of work stages needed to book guaranteed impression campaigns.

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Business to Consumer

The extensive business to consumer (BtoC) segment is interested in news, services and special sectors like health, beauty, sports, culture, cars and housing.

This audience is best reached through Iltalehti, Aamulehti, Satakunnan Kansa, Lapin Kansa, Pohjolan Sanomat, E-kontakti, and


Business to Business

The respected segment of business to high decision makers & professionals (BtoB) - who are interested in news and views in the economy and hold a position as professionals or final decision makers in acquisitions and finance.

This valuable audience can best be reached through Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Arvopaperi, Tietoviikko and Tekniikka ja Talous.


Business to High-End Consumers

The Business to high-end consumers (BtoHighC) segment - who are financially well off, value well known distinguished brands and are interested in consuming high quality products and services. Even during economically tough times these consumers value luxury, can afford to have time for themselves and hold financial extra for investing or saving.

This precious audience can best be reached through Kauppalehti, Kauppalehti Optio, Talouselämä and Arvopaperi.


The new combined business unit named Alma Talent

The name of the new business unit that is created as a result of the combination of Alma’s Financial Media and Business Services and Talentum’s business operations will be Alma Talent. During the planning of the integration, the business unit was referred to with the working title Professional Media and Business Services.

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