has purchasing power is a national online service for buying cars with about 412,00 unique visitors per month. The service has a unique car-buyer target group of high-income people in the 40+ age group. Of our users, 84% own a car, 94% have a genuine intention to buy a newer car, and 22% are interested in not only used cars but also new cars. Advertising with us allows you to reach this target audience that has a high purchasing power and a genuine intention to buy.


Digital advertising support service helps to build high-performance advertising campaigns digital advertising support service focuses on building goal-oriented campaigns and ensuring good results from advertising, all based on the customer’s needs.

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Profile and reach

412 000 monthly visitors


94% planning to buy a car



Desktop users


Mobile users


Page loads

5,9 Million


Use of the service

Weekdays with the highest traffic

Monday to Wednesday

Time of the day with the highest traffic

9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Page loads per session




Sources: FIAM – comScore MMX MP, MMX, MoMX tammi-toukokuu 2018; Google Analytics; Kävijätutkimus 2017, Digitalist Group Oyj; TNS Atlas 2017, TNS Gallup Oy

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