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The popular Alma Developer & Designer program aims for a permanent job

Alma Media’s Developer & Designer program is a nine-month paid internship where participants get to work in Alma’s teams with in-house products.

Last year’s program has been the seventh in order and the program has been adjusted annually based on feedback from participants. This time, the goal was to increase the sense of community, face-to-face meetings and informal meetups.  

– The closing event of the Alma Developer & Designer program was held in December in Room Kamppi. At this event, each participant of the program presented to others what kind of projects they had done at Alma. The day ended with a competition in escape rooms and of course, good food, says Talent Partner Nina Uhlenius from Alma Media.

Based on the feedback from the latest program, the majority of the participants would recommend the Alma Developer & Designer program. The open feedback of 2023 highlights people and communities.

– The feedback showed that the participants valued various joint activities and trainings, lunches and meetings with their own mentors. Of course, the work itself with interesting products and on real meaningful projects is something that is always considered as one of the best parts of the program, says Nina.

– At Alma the trainees join teams as full members from day one. Therefore, the number of participants in the program also varies from year to year. Our goal is always that after the program, the employments of the trainees will continue on permanent basis. This is the case for almost all -we still have up to 60% of those who have attended the program since 2017 working for us, continues Nina.

Real work as part of a genuine team

In the Alma Developer & Designer program, there are no training tasks, but everyone will get to the real work from the start.

– Right from the beginning of the training, I was treated as a real team member and I was able to work on the code for Iltalehti’s online services, says Juan Covarrubias, one of the participants of the 2023 program.

– At Alma, I especially like the fact that we are a product house. I focus on developing Iltalehti’s online services, and I don’t have to switch from one project to another. I get to see product development in the long run. It motivates and makes the work meaningful, continues Juan.

Interested in the Alma Developer & Designer 2024 program?

Are you interested in Alma as a workplace? Are you a beginner or already a little experienced software developer, UX or UI designer, data or analytics expert? With us you get to work with interesting, own in-house products in the world of mobility, recruiting, housing or media! 

Application for the 2024 program will open on our open positions page on January 15.

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