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Alma Media’s investor pages received recognition

Alma Media took the first place in the mid cap category in the Best Investor Site competition organised by The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and The Finnish Society of Financial Analysts second year in a row.

The competition examines the usability, visual appearance of the sites and how the company communicates to investors about certain aspects such as strategy, growth and profitability, financial objectives and historical performance, the use of capital and description of operational risks, good governance and sustainability.

The results were announced at the Stock Exchange Gala held at Helsinki’s Old Student House on Tuesday 31 January 2023. Teemu Salmi, Investor Relations and Communications Manager, received the award.

‘This is a very meaningful recognition for us and one that we value very much. The investor site is one of our most important communication channels for investors. The purpose is to provide concisely, but informatively the key information for the investor needs. We try to keep the structure of the site as clear as possible, but also to bring in new elements when they improve the user experience,” says Teemu Salmi.

“We continue to raise the bar steadily. More broadly, it is also really important that the information provided to investors is as high quality as possible. This competition incentivises the companies to continually improve not only our pages, but also to develop investor communication and investor relations as a whole. Best practices in the industry inspire everyone.”, Salmi continues.

The best investor site competition is organised because the importance of investor communications and best practices want to be highlighted. The competition evaluates the Finnish-speaking investor sites of all the domestic listed companies in four different categories: large, medium and small companies and First North companies. The information on the listed company’s investor pages needs be found easily, quickly and logically. All investor sites are carefully reviewed and evaluated according to the exact criteria that change each year.

Companies’ websites are an important source of information, especially for retail investors. Domestic individuals own one-fifth of the shares of Finnish listed companies, i.e. they are a significant group of investors.

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