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Material instructions for inserts

The advertiser and the fixed insert – as well as the loose insert – must be marked with the identification text “MAINOS ” in letters at least the same size as the body text of the advertisement.

The color of the tag text must be as distinct from the base color as the body of the ad.

For an ad, the tag text is placed in both top corners of the ad. For inserts it is placed on the front page, and in the top corners of each page.

The material of the advertorial and the fixed insert must be sent to this address for approval well before of the printing date.

You can get media-specific insert quantities at

See the terms and conditions of sale of the attachments >>

Leaves printed in red and black:

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  • Kauppalehti Option
  • Fact
  • Microbit
  • TIVI
  • Bond
  • Economic life.

Attachments to be printed at Manu Oy:

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Applies to attachments from the following media:

  • Kauppalehti
  • Technology & Economics
  • Media news