the boldness to take action.


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Alma Media accelerates sustainable growth

For individuals, businesses and society.

Growth requires the boldness to take action. Alma’s purpose is to accelerate sustainable growth — boost the boldness of individuals, companies and society to be active and work together in the right direction.

Responsible and sustainable growth stems from companies’ expertise, active development and the boldness to market

The strongest experiences stem from people’s boldness, overcoming themselves and deeds leading them in the right direction. Many people talk, but only bold actors are remembered.

Well-being comes from the boldness to grow. Alma’s employees work every day in order to boost the sustainable growth of individuals, companies and society.

The boldness to consciously proceed in the right direction translate into constructive energy and an open-mindedly optimistic society. Only bold actors are remembered.

Finland needs the boldness to grow and the intellectual and financial well-being that comes with it.