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Jobly’s value-based job search produces the most suitable recruitments

Alma’s goal is to accelerate the sustainable growth of individuals, companies and society through its own operations. Job portal Jobly, for its part, solves the global recruitment challenge with value-based approach, as job seekers more carefully choose their jobs, and often the choice falls on a company with which common values can be shared.

Jobly is the world’s first job portal to provide impact data from the Finnish technology company Upright to support job search. From the very beginning, Jobly was built as the job search service of the future, which is why impact and responsibility are at the core of the business.

Value-based approach at the core of business

There are tens of thousands of open positions in Jobly and value-based job search makes it easier for the applicant to find the most suitable one.

“More and more employees and applicants are thinking about the impact of companies in the world and are even ready to resign if their own values and those represented by the company do not match. This trend is likely to intensify. From the very beginning, Jobly was built as the job portal of the future, which is why impact data and responsibility are important to us. When considering a partner, it was great to see that the Finnish Upright Project represents the world’s top in measuring impact,” says Annika Ruola, Marketing Director at Jobly.

The business of almost all companies generates some positive effects – but also negative effects in order to generate positive ones. The goal of Upright data is not to tell which jobs are good or bad, but to give job seekers the opportunity to see data related to the impact of the companies and mirror it against their own values and priorities.

The impact data that Upright collects differs from traditional responsibility metrics and certificates in that Upright extensively measures positive and negative impacts of a company’s actual business activities. Sources of data include scientific publications, public sources and information supplied by companies themselves, which are modified into an understandable and comparable format by a mathematical model utilizing machine learning.

Long-term development

Jobly’s story began as early as spring 2021, when the job search site was technically renewed. Although the name still remained Monster at the time, the work undertaken to improve the user experience paid off immediately. Visits to the site and the number of job applications skyrocketed despite the challenging competition situation and labour market conditions. “And when the new brand Jobly was launched, we got off the ground with good numbers and they have continued to go upwards,” says Ruola.

Jobly continues to develop the presentation of value-based data, and has conducted user research on this topic through, among other things, a query published in the search service and through a user workshop. According to feedback, responsibility is an important criterion when looking for a job, and verbalising, simplifying and explaining impact information is important.

“This is also the work we do with employers. We help and develop ways for companies to present their own Upright results and utilize them in recruitment and employer brand development. According to feedback from job seekers, value-based job search will only increase in the future”, Ruola continues.

Development work at Jobly is continuous and the main goal is for as many people as possible to find the most suitable job for themselves.

Explore Jobly.

More about Alma’s sustainability work in the latest Corporate Responsibility Report.

  • Published: 15.5.2023, 10:35
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