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Developing diversity is an ongoing process

The colors of the rainbow appear in our offices in June to remind us that we at Alma are allowed to be ourselves, just the way we are. Pride Week is celebrated in June, but equality and diversity work is carried out in Alma throughout the year, continuously striving for better.

One aim of Pride is to eliminate inequalities in regards of culture, language and society’s structures, values and norms.

These values are also important to Alma, and we are committed to building an organizational culture that supports diversity. In practice, it is an ongoing process that includes things related to thinking, behavior and practices, such as identifying one’s own prejudices.

The results of our regular employee surveys as well as salary and other personnel data are used as a basis when evaluating and developing equal and diverse work community

Diversity as an advantage

Our activities at Alma are guided by our shared values: free and pluralistic communication, team play and courage. We believe that we need many kinds of Alma Medians to build the future of our business together.

Last year, our staff were trained in workshops, where the goal was to increase our understanding of the importance of diversity in the work community. Over 600 employees have participated in these workshops by the end of 2021.

During the Pride Month we have opened two courses in Alma’s digital education service Seduo: “Basics of LGBTIQ Communication” and “A Good Team is an Inclusive Team”. The trainings are part of Seduo’s Diverse Work Community Study Module and they are available free of cost for anyone interested. The courses are in Finnish.

Every Alma Median is worth of a smile

Before Pride Week, we asked our employees what their Alma is like, how they feel about diversity at work and what we could do better. We received several good suggestions on how we can further promote diversity, equality and inclusion at Alma Media.

On Pride week, pride themes and colors can be seen on Alma’s social media channels and in our Teams wallpapers. With the colors of the rainbow, we want to show that, we too, in Alma have room for every shade of the rainbow.

At the same time, we are involved in promoting Pride’s important goal: that everyone should be seen as themselves, free from fear and discrimination. We also published an interview with our employee and member of the LGBTIQ + community, Melita, in which she shares her experiences as a minority representative in the work community.

During 2022, a larger survey will also be conducted at Alma on the implementation of diversity and inclusion in our work community. Based on the results of the survey, a plan of measures and training will be made to strengthen diversity and inclusion.

When we asked Alma Medians what their Alma is like, we received such answers as follows:

  • … one where everyone is worth a smile.
  • … similar to everyone.
  • … rainbow-colored.
  • … a relaxed and open work community.
  • … the kind where I get to wear hoodie and sneakers

  • Published: 4.7.2022, 13:00
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