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Alma Media supports the job search of Ukrainians

Alma Career, focused on recruitment solutions, launched job portal tailored for Ukrainian job seekers in April 2022.

The war in Ukraine has shocked Alma Medians across Europe. As soon as the war began, collections of goods and clothes were organised in the local offices of Alma’s operating countries, as well as transport of aid goods to the border was arranged. In addition, the staff raised and donated their own money for the benefit of Ukrainians, in addition to the official monetary donation from Alma Media.

The most significant effort, however, was to harness Alma Career’s own business, namely job portals, to support the job search for Ukrainian refugees. service has been created to support Ukrainians in the middle of humanitarian crisis

Alma Career countries have offered Ukrainian refugees suitable jobs on recruitment sites in their respective countries since the immediate start of the war. Created by Alma Career in cooperation with the Czech and Slovak country organisations, the website incorporated these jobs opportunities together under one service:

Alma Career’s network of recruitment sites in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Finland reaches a total of about 175,000 companies reporting jobs (2021).

“ has more than 7000 job offers, and the number of job postings and site traffic is constantly increasing. The influx of refugees from Ukraine to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland now amounts to around three million people, of which we estimate about 40-50 % are looking for work. Refugees need to be supported in their search for work right away. We do not know how long the war will last and there are already millions of refugees in Eastern European countries,” commented Milan Jasný, director of Alma Career Central from the Czech Republic in April 2022.

At, the spectrum of jobs suitable for Ukrainians has ranged from IT work to receptionists and car mechanics, and include job titles such as HR administrator, electrician, SAP specialist and construction worker. service: 
Робота для людей з України – Workania

  • Published: 4.7.2022, 11:52
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