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Students develop the period of work experience (TET) in cooperation with companies and educational institutions

Alma Media, Monster and the Children and Youth Foundation are working together to develop a service that will significantly increase the number of period of work experience (TET) locations and make them more meaningful for both students and companies. A number of students and educational institutions are involved in the development. The period of work experience, or TET, is an activity under the formal curriculum in Finland.

During this week, at Alma Media and Monster’s premises at Alma Hall, at Deloitte’s, Stora Enso’s, Wärtsilä’s and Outokumpu’s offices in Salmisaari, as well as at the offices of the Helsinki Deaconess Foundation and at the Foundation for Children and Young People, you may come across with many people developing the period of work experience to meet the needs of the future. A week-long collaboration between young people and businesses will outline the needs of the TET service and brainstorm its content going forward.

The new TET service responds to the aspirations of young people, schools and businesses in many ways for easier access to working life: with the service, the number of TET places will increase, places will become more equally available to all young people, and TET training projects will be made more meaningful for both students and businesses.

“As a partner of the national TET service, we believe strongly in building a bridge between young people and working lives will open a path to a better future and a happier working life. By renewing the unique Finnish TET concept, we can better serve both young people becoming familiar with working life and employers making this happen. By developing, systematising and modernising the concept, we will serve both employers and young people better going forward in their acquaintance with working life. The Children and Youth Foundation’s social network and the ability of the Monster recruitment service to connect employers and young people to work form a strong basis for development, on which we hope to build together with many other Finnish companies and organisations opportunities for young people to get excited about the working life.”, explains Elina Kukkonen, Director of Communications and Brand at Alma Media.

The goal is to create a service that increases nationwide opportunities for exploring the world of work. The development of the TET service started in collaboration with the Foundation for Children and Young People and Alma Media this spring. The service is scheduled to be released in early 2023. 

“Especially in these uncertain times, young people need support and diverse opportunities to explore the world of work. As it stands, TET has tremendous untapped potential. Our goal is that with the service we have developed, more and more young people will have a meaningful TET experience, which helps to understand the direction of working life,” explains Olli Alanen, Executive Director of the Foundation for Children and Young People.

  • Published: 16.5.2022, 14:00
  • Category: News

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