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Alma Media participating in the Paris Pledge for Action to reach the COP21 targets

Alma Media Corporation                         Press Release                     16 December 2015

Alma Media participating in the Paris Pledge for Action to reach the COP21 targets

Last week, a historic global climate agreement was concluded at the Paris Climate Conference, COP 21. The guiding values of the climate agreement are sustainable development and the eradication of poverty. The agreement is scheduled to enter into force in 2020 and its goal is to strengthen global climate actions.

After the Paris agreement, many cities, geographical regions, companies and investors have joined the “Paris Pledge for Action” commitment to promote the implementation of the climate agreement concluded at COP21 and to expedite the resolution of challenges caused by climate change and the efficient launch of concrete, practical actions. Alma Media will also participate in the commitment.

“Even at the Nordic level, Alma Media has been a pioneer in environmental issues in the media sector for years. Our goal is to keep on developing our environmental responsibility in every manner from now on, too, and therefore, Alma’s commitment to the Paris Pledge is a natural continuation to these efforts. We want to actively promote the achievement of these targets, as a company and in cooperation with other companies and other actors in society, following the path paved by #COP21 and the Paris Pledge for Action”, says Sanna Forsström-Hack, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Alma Media. 

Alma reached the highest score of all Nordic media companies in the CDP 2015 climate survey

In November, Alma Media’s corporate responsibility work received recognition in the global CDP 2015 climate survey (previously Carbon Disclosure Project): the score achieved by Alma Media was 96/100. A year ago, the score was 75/100. The score was the highest among Nordic media companies. In the performance index, Alma Media’s score was B (last year’s score: B). In its assessment, CDP highlighted Alma Media’s comprehensive work in collecting climate-related information, the quality of the information, the understanding of climate change issues that affect the company and its conscious, continuous development.

In 2015, more than 5,500 companies participated in CDP’s extensive environment and climate change survey, in which they analysed the risks and opportunities resulting from climate change and reported on their carbon dioxide emissions, among other things. About 820 institutional investors around the world utilise the CDP results in making investment decisions. Investors consider good results an indication of the companies’ good management of climate issues.

The “Nordic climate change” report, a compilation of the Nordic CDP results, can be found at:

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Sanna Forsström-Hack, Brand & CR Manager, Alma Media Corporation, tel. +358 10 665 2574

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