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IL-Media discontinues the XOXOfeed viral media experiment, concentrates on developing the popular service

Alma Media Corporation                     Press release 1 July 2015 at 14:50 a.m. (EEST)


In March 2015, IL-Media started XOXOfeed, an experiment in English-language viral media. The experiment tested a business model for viral media, new server solutions and a new publication platform.

“Despite excellent content, the organic growth of the service — without significant Facebook advertising — was weak. Even if the service’s content generation is not a major cost item, we decided it’s best to concentrate on the popular, Finnish-language service. Advertising campaigns carried out on have generated good results,” says Kari Kivelä, publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief of IL-Media.

“XOXOfeed was an innovative experiment with a startup atmosphere, and we gained valuable knowledge and information: for instance, the server solutions and publication technology tested in connection with XOXOfeed proved to be highly functional. We will apply the results of the viral media experiment later in other services of IL-Media,” Kivelä continues.

Journalists who worked in XOXOfeed with mostly continue in’s content generation.

IL-Media’s is a service based on online sharing. generates its own content and brings to the service articles that are popular elsewhere in social media, which readers can then share in their own social media networks.

For more information, please contact: Kari Kivelä, publisher, IL-Media, tel. +358 (0)10 665 2032

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