Business model

Alma Media has three operating and reporting segments: 

  • Alma Markets
  • Alma Talent
  • Alma Consumer*

*Alma Consumer was created as a result of the combination Alma News & Life and the Alma Regions business segments in April 2018. Alma Media starts reporting according to the new segment structure from the second quarter of 2018.

Alma Media’s primary sources of revenue are:

  • advertising sales for printed newspapers and online services,
  • content sales in print and digital formats
  • service sales.


The revenue categories listed above comprise several different revenue generating models. The media sector’s historically clear division between circulation sales and advertising sales has become diversified as a result of digitisation. 

Business model in the publishing business

The publishing business is Alma Media’s most traditional business. It includes the local and regional newspapers published by Alma Regions, Iltalehti and its supplements, as well as Kauppalehti. This business is based on a relationship with readers built through good journalistic content. As media develops, the reader relationship becomes a multidimensional customer relationship with a media brand. The strength of this relationship can vary from an occasional website visit to an ongoing newspaper subscription and the use of online services as a paid and registered user. Of the components of content sales, print newspaper content sales are declining in Alma Media, while digital content sales are growing. 

Readers and online visitors constitute target groups that are characteristic to each medium. These target groups are the basis for advertising sales. These target group contacts are sold to advertisers both at the channel-specific level and as combinations.  The combined reach of Alma’s media brands has increased in recent years as a result of strong growth in website visitors. Digital advertising revenue’s share of total advertising revenue is showing substantial growth at Alma Media. 

The publishing business also accumulates service revenue, primarily from services sold to external customers by the printing and distribution company Alma Manu.  

Business model in digital services

The customers of Alma Media’s digital services include both businesses and consumers. The business model is based on fees charged for classified advertising, display advertising, service sales as well as revenue streams from service content and/or advertising targeted at the users of the service. 

In the competition for market share, the brand’s appeal and the marketing efforts aimed at maintaining its appeal are crucial in the digital environment. Alma Media’s services are the best-known brands in their segments in Finland, the Czech Republic and other countries in which the Group operates. The popularity of these services among users is based on a high level of usability, unique content and, in many cases, the importance of the social or communal dimension.  For an advertiser, this opens up valuable opportunities to specifically target the businesses or consumers in a particular category.