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IL SPECIAL ISSUES Technical Guidelines

Technical specifications

IL-Media accepts only materials that qualify for newspaper and are saved into PDF format. Recommended version is 1.5 (Acrobat 6).

Fonts have to be included with the PDF document. IL-Media is not responsible for wrongly printed fonts that have not been included in the PDF document.

Total ink coverage in CMYK colours and pictures is not allowed to be over 300 %.
Screen frequency is 60 lines / cm. Line frequency tone images of 300 dpi and line images of 600 dpi final size .If the material is not in the required PDF format or is otherwise faulty, it will be delivered back to the maker.

Ad size: Ad side of the page

The ad elements (image and base) must be 3 mm bleed. Material must not contain any frames. Text and logos ie. elements must not be placed 8 mm closer to the edge of the page. Cutting marks must be outside of the material and bleed.

Ad size with margins

Between notification and the side of the page will be white margin. For example, materials with frame is prepared in this size.

Color profile

ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)

Special issues size: 220 x 297 mm
Cutting margins: 3 mm
Number of Columns: 4 columns