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Content Marketing Material Guidelines

Delivery of materials

The materials must be submitted in accordance with the material instructions and schedule before the start of the campaign to:


  • Please submit Content Display and native article material no later than 5 business days before the agreed release date.
    • This is especially important for materials that will be edited
  • The publication of content delivered late at the agreed time cannot be guaranteed
    • In this case, the content is either published late, which means that part of the withdrawal time is missed, or the publication is moved to the next possible publication time (not necessarily the next day)
  • When submitting materials, please include the ad format, advertiser name, and publication date in the subject line of the email.
  • You are encouraged to send all the materials in the same e-mail

Material required for the article (required):

Advertising brand name:

  • Advertiser / brand displayed in story purchase (max 26 characters)


  • At least 4 images (main image and three images in the body text), landscape aspect ratio, jpg or png


  • Up to 89 characters (including spaces)

Lead paragraph:

  • Up to 220 characters (including spaces)

Body text:

  • There is no exact limit to length. The most important thing is that the content stays interesting and moves forward. Our recommendation is 2,000-3,000 characters.
  • Call-to-action at the end of the text, a prompt linking to the advertiser’s pages

Material required for the article (optional):


  • Embedding: a link to a YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine video is required
    • Screens accumulate directly on the original video
    • No separate analytics are reported for the video

Click tracking:

  • Deliver finalized click tracking with text

The quality of content marketing consists of many elements:

  • The content should be relevant to the media and marketplace environment in question and provide added value to the reader in terms of vehicle trading.
  • Make the title interesting, give the reader a reason to click on the content, e.g.
    • Argument or question
    • Retrieving the main message from the content
    • Personality, speaking to the reader
  • The image supports interesting and reader-driven native highlight and does not emphasize individual products
  • The text serves the reader, is informative and grammatically good Finnish
  • Dates, prices, discount percentages, etc. should not be included in the image or title
  • Legal and regulatory considerations taken into account (Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 2)
  • Properly labeled, stands out from journalistic content
  • In line with good manners
  • Interesting and relevant to its target group
  • The message is suitable for the media environment
  • Styles, distinctiveness, insight
  • In accordance with the instructions of the Public Speech Council (JSN)
  • The Advertising Ethics Council (MEN) monitors compliance with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) marketing rules

Quality criteria for content marketing content

  • The content needs to be truthful, not invented. (for example, the persons must be correct and the contact details of the interviewees must be provided to the producer for possible checks)
  • False information must not be published. (A link to the studies must be found)
  • The people in the case studies are involved of their own free will.
  • The content is in Finnish as far as possible. The formats used by the publishing media are used. The company name can be written in the way the brand uses.
  • Price and product information are not in the main body or the tip of the content.
  • Content can tell you how a product feels, what it is used for, how it benefits, or what happens when it is used.
  • Content marketing content is content created through narrative, not service descriptions or product brochures. (Product information can be increased by means of display advertising, eg with a retargeting campaign)
  • The publisher has the right to check the suitability of the style and ethics of the content for the publishing media and, if necessary, to edit the content.

NOTE! Responsibility for the content and delivery of advertisements: The customer is responsible for ensuring that the material delivered to Alma Media is not contrary to valid laws, regulations of authorities and advertising self-regulatory bodies, instructions given by Alma Creative Solutions, these conditions, other contractual conditions or good practice. The customer undertakes to take into account the restrictions concerning e.g. advertising to minors or the following advertising targets: alcohol, tobacco, gambling, medicines, counterfeit products and pirated products. Alma Creative Solutions has the right, without liability for compensation, to refuse to present an ad if, according to Alma Media’s interpretation, the ad is in violation of the aforementioned requirements. If the materials are not delivered within the agreed schedule, the start of the campaign at the agreed time cannot be promised.