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Invoicing addresses

Alma Media accepts only e-invoices. Please notice that term of payment is minimum 14 days and there should be the name of Alma’s reference person in invoice.

If you don’t have e-invoicing program in use, Alma Media offers the option to use the Basware Network service free of charge. Through the Basware Network, invoices arrive as an online invoice quickly and safely directly to the Alma Media for processing.

Registration and e-invoice creation takes place in Basware Network, instructions.

In any technical problems, please contact Basware Support Team. In other issues related to invoicing, you can send email to or-info(at)

Operator for all online invoices is Basware Oyj, operator ID:  BAWCFI22.

Alma Media Group receives only online invoicing.

CompanyEDIBI or VAT Code
Alma Career Oy003714826460FI14826460
Alma Finanssipalvelut Oy003732880049FI32880049
Alma Media Oyj003719447574FI19447574
Alma Media Suomi Oy003708692902FI08692902
Alma Talent Oy003708692881FI08692881
Etua Oy003721670361FI21670361
Kotikokki net Oy003721926283FI21926283
Suomen Tunnistetieto Oy003726624305FI26624305
Suoramarkkinointi Mega Oy003706413455FI06413455