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Media literacy for schoolchildren

People today consume more content on the internet and social media than ever before. The ability to differentiate between different types of content and having a basic understanding of data protection and data have become important civic skills.

At the beginning of 2018, Alma Media launched a three-year media education project in Finland aimed at having Alma Media employees conduct at least 50 media education visits to schools each year. More than a hundred visits were made in the first year.

“The goal of our visits is to provide schoolchildren with tools for evaluating content and help them operate more safely online,” says Elina Kukkonen, SVP, Communications and Brand at Alma Media. She adds: 

“The feedback we have received about the visits has been very positive for the most part. Both the Alma employees who have participated in the visits and the classes they have visited have liked the concept and provided us with good ideas for developing it further. Many upper comprehensive school teachers have requested visits for several of their classes.