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Your employer matters

Strong brands and an operating culture that values diverse skills attracts talents of the future to join Alma Media. People Development Lead Joni Mäkinen focuses on building the employer image over the long term. 

How does Alma Media develop its employer image?

At Alma Media, building the employer image starts with business operations and skilled employees. In terms of growth and future business, our image speaks to vital talent groups, such as journalists, professionals in advertising and selling our contents, as well as experts of technology. When researching potential employers, different groups of skilled employees look for different characteristics, and we must be sensitive in listening to various needs.

We must be able to explain the direction in which the company is headed, and our vision as well as our operating culture. We tell our target groups in their own channels and in their own language what our current employees value about Alma Media as an employer. The employer image must correspond with reality.

All the future talents may not yet know about us, which is why it is important to patiently develop the employer image. That is why our current employees are the best people to build our employer image. When someone is proud to work for us, we encourage them to talk about their experiences. We aim towards a culture where people feel safe to try new things and even fail.

Why is it important to develop the employer image?

The employer image has a considerable impact on commitment and the mental image of the employer. A clear employer image boosts successful recruitment. Reaching skilled employees in recruitment is easier if our target group is already interested in Alma Media. In an optimal situation in terms of junior-level recruitment, people would already be aware of us during their studies. We explain what we find important and which personality traits and skills help our employees succeed, no matter the job description. A mere job title does not set you apart. In contrast, working culture and experience are harder to imitate.

How does Alma Media look after the competence and energy levels of its employees?

We encourage our employees to develop their skills. Sometimes, people may need to learn a new skill to reach their goal. We share training and expertise among Alma Media employees and set up workshops to provide continuous, easy and diverse learning. Each employee draws up their own development plan.

Our culture of combining both freedom and responsibility influences our employees’ energy levels at work. Much of the work can be organised so that our employees can find a balance between their work and free time. In the summer of 2018, we arranged a parity survey where we asked our employees about Alma Media’s flexibility in different life situations, among other things. We received nearly 500 responses. We are considered extremely flexible. Depending on the job description, we offer various arrangements to help employees in different life situations, such as shorter work weeks or telecommuting.

How has Alma Media fared in recruitments?

Alma Media’s business operations are undergoing increasing digitalisation, which is reflected in our operating culture. Our missions and products speak to many people. When we were looking for junior-level experts of technology, we informed them that they would be able to develop well-known brands with millions of users. This is a strong asset in finding skilled employees.

All companies find the recruitment of technology experts equally challenging, and the competition for skilled employees is not limited to our particular industry. We have set up a junior-level recruitment campaign two years in a row. In 2018, we were able to find 14 experts for our Developer Trainee programme, which was a great achievement. We must be able to ensure constant development to remain an attractive employer in the future as well.

  • Published: 20.3.2019, 10:40
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