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Gofinland gathers all the needs of summer cottage dwellers under the same website

Alma Media Corporation         Press Release         8 June 2015 at 11.00 a.m. (EEST)


Alma Mediapartners Oy launched a website called Gofinland, the aim of which is to gather under the same address all the experiences and services needed by people spending their holidays at summer cottages. Gofinland was conceived from the wishes and needs of consumers and it will be a unique service in Finland, with the aim of expanding to attract foreign travellers to Finland.

Paula Jokisalo, Business Manager of Gofinland, says that the travel industry lacks a service which would enable people dreaming of a summer cottage holiday in Finland to comprehensively plan the trip.

“In addition to accommodation, those planning a cottage holiday should have access to information on the attractions and activities in the area, for example. Travellers are also interested in different routes as well the locations of local food shops. At the moment, this information is very hard to find. All this should be compiled in one location so that consumers would have easy access to it, and that is what Gofinland will offer”, says Jokisalo.

Gofinland will gradually expand throughout 2015. At the moment, the site is helping consumers find rental cottages. In future, content created by users will be an important part of the service in addition to experience-related content. Today, recommendations and reviews provided by others have substantial value in decision-making, and photos and experiences shared by users provide excellent content. That is why all this will come to fruition in Gofinland.

“We have many ideas for development, but the most important aspect is to offer an extensive and simple service for those planning a cottage holiday in Finland. The name of the service offers the chance to reach foreign travellers as well. There is great potential for growth in the Finnish travel industry, and offering foreign travellers easy planning and effortless transactions will considerably facilitate that growth”, Jokisalo continues.

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Paula Jokisalo, Business Manager, Gofinland/Alma Mediapartners Oy, tel. +358 10 665 3424,

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