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Nine out of ten degree students intend to apply for a summer job

Alma Media Corporation      Press release     7 February 2011

Nine out of ten degree students intend to apply for a summer job
Only one in ten are certain that they will find a summer job in their own field


Eighty-six per cent of young people studying towards a degree plan to apply for summer work this summer, but only 11% are confident that they will find a position in their own field. Construction industry students and students of medicine are most confident. The results emerged from a study commissioned by T-Media as part of its Responsible Summer Job 2011 campaign, which surveyed 650 students aged 16-25 from across Finland who are studying towards a degree.


Of those who participated in the study, 77% felt that finding work in their own field would be difficult, even though there was no shortage of information about summer work opportunities in several different fields. Applying for summer work is seen as laborious and stressful. Work experience is the biggest issue occupying young people. Work is difficult to secure without work experience, but how does one acquire work experience without being given a job in the first place?


A full 94% of respondents had previous experience in a summer job in either their own field or another. Summer work is a normal part of a young person’s life in Finland. Young people also felt that acquiring work experience in their own field was one of the most important objectives of summer work. Interesting tasks, decent pay and a pleasant workplace atmosphere were also important to respondents.


Campaign challenging businesses already yields 2019 responsible summer jobs.
Responsible Summer Job 2011 is a campaign kicked off by the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation and Alma Media on 25 January which is aimed at challenging employers to offer more and better summer jobs to young people. The campaign puts forward a set of principles for good summer work that help both summer employees and employers to get more out of summer work experience.


All employers offering summer jobs to 16-25-year-olds and interested in developing a responsible Finnish summer work culture are welcome to take part in the campaign.


So far, 24 employers have already signed up to the campaign, and a total of 2019 responsible jobs are currently on offer.


For more information, please contact:
Antti Järventaus, Development Manager, the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, 050 364 6410
Riikka Poukka, Corporate Responsibility Co-ordinator, Alma Media Corporation, tel. 010 665 2800


See the campaign website:

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